Selamat Datang – About Singapore

Starting from the world-class Singapore Changi Airport in the east, trotting westward to bustling Little India and Chinatown, go shopping ‘til dropping in Orchard Road after a night of partying in Clark Quay. After all the thrill, take relaxing walks around nature parks in west-most Singapore, and end the travel with a dreamlike getaway in Universal Studios and Sentosa island resort down south.

In just 63 words, we have gone around the whole of contemporary Singapore – no corner of which is left unexciting. Despite its small land area, this country is one of the most culturally diverse around the world. To attest to that, Singapore has four official languages namely English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. From here, you may deduce how much this country has to offer, be it tradition, food or recreation, and how Singaporeans brought all these together to build the modern metropolitan island that it is today.

Even if it is often said that you can tour the country in just three days, going back again and again allows you to dive deeper into the fringes of Singapore and savor how it has, yet again, brought yesterday into a new decade.

Circa 2011


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