Selamat Datang – About Indonesia

Borobudur has always stirred my imagination of reliving an epoch when massive structures are built by generations of hard work, with materials from the most basic resources available, yet through ideas that are far more remarkable and unimaginable even by the most novel man of our time. This was what made me look forward to my first trip to Indonesia.

But the place offered a lot more. A rumpus of sensations that fueled my fascination for zesty eats, and satisfied my craving for visually experiencing ancient civilizations; all within a short three-day stay. Then again, lounging over nasi and mocktails along Bali’s beaches, stepping into Yogyakarta’s historic structures, and strolling alongside monkeys in Ubud – a longer stay for my next visit is not surprising at all.

Until the next time I get a chance to set my feet on Seminyak’s fine sand and feel the strong overturning waves, I’ll keep those moments alive through writing.

Circa 2013


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