Mabuhay – About Philippines

When traveling to other countries, it’s not surprising to meet people who are unfamiliar with or uninterested in this country. And that’s just one of the many things to smile about while living in this little colorful archipelago I call home. It may sound ironic to say so, but as a blogger, that just makes writing a ton more exciting.

There’s a lot to share about the Philippines and its happy people which are unknown to many. From breath-taking sights, to exotic flavors, and even, to the wonderful Filipino people who are racing with the rest of the world. I, myself, have not visited even close to an eighth of its 7,107 islands despite growing up here. But even so, the Philippine posts here will probably amaze foreigners, or perhaps even locals, just by being about the most common things of day-to-day Philippine life.

Well dear readers, hope I have intrigued you enough to get to know the Pearl of the East a little better. Whichever island it is, see you around!

CIrca 2011


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