Chào mừng bạn – About Vietnam

A country that stretches from the four seasons of the North down to the tropical two seasons of the South – as varied as the produce these seasons bring to the land, their rich history brought tons of unforgettable stories told time and again even half-way round the world.

Our short trip to Vietnam was limited to the South and Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon. Yet I wouldn’t say it lacked flavor, even with all the mint and spices aside. Having booked trips around Cu Chi, Tay Ninh and other provinces along the Mekong Delta, we sampled the sweetest fruits, freshest spring rolls and witnessed the simplest lives of locals in their infamous nón lá or pointed Vietnamese hat. Impressionable as the image of the nón lá, a visit to Saigon’s War Remnants Museum left dents in our minds – both the dismal question of “why did it have to happen” and the stirring action of “the world support[ing] Vietnam in its resistance [against war]”.

Be it enjoying a cup of caffeine topped with a phin or coffee filter while watching the roads be filled with motorcycles, or daring an adventure to burrow through the tunnels which were home to Viet Congs in the 1960s, Vietnam will give you stories to take home just as it did a few decades back before it became the peaceful, flavorful country that it is today.

Circa 2012


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