Welcome – About Canada

Red maple leaves. This was the only image I had of Canada before I was able to travel the country. Western countries beyond Europe never tickled my fancy due to their lack of a rich history and flavorful traditions. But then again this is what makes traveling fascinating – it surprises you by turning your misconceptions upside down.

The charm of Canada lies in its young cities. Unlike most cities around the world, it is here where you are able to witness an insipid country-side town develop into a metro within your lifetime. Just in 1990, a small town in Western Canada called Richmond has been designated as a city. As proof of its importance to Canada, Richmond houses the Olympic Oval which hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. Today, it is one of British Columbia’s largest cities with 56% of its population being Asian immigrants.

Key takeaway? Never turn down an opportunity to travel. Despite of how boring the place may sound, you just never know what awaits you there.

Circa 2011


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