TheChancePassenger. That’s me sharing with you tidbits of my travels – little nothings that amaze me, ordinary episodes frozen into memorable legends, and everything else that has gotten me smitten with life.

The world has so much wonderful things to offer. All that’s left to do is take a chance, and let it surprise you.

Blog Purpose. For TheChancePassenger to have a reason to travel, to write and to craft.

Blog Dream. Get readers to see the world one post at a time and inspire them to be “TheChancePassenger” themselves.

Blog Disclaimer. TheChancePassenger is not a photographer. Just snapping away with my amateur point-and-shoot.

Good Turn. Posts mostly come from personal travels. If there are topics you want to read about or itineraries you want drafted, drop me a note!


2 responses to “About

    • Truth be told, I’ve never been a chance passenger! I have a regular 9-hours-a-day work routine and can’t really leave my schedule to chances. But despite the limited resource that is time, I prefer not to let that stop me from seeing the world – it is, in a way, creating my own chance.

      Thanks everydayelaine 🙂 Glad you like it and hope you stick around!

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