Hatsu: A Postcard Project of Firsts

A collection of travel photos of my memorable firsts – turned postcards for your consumption! 🙂


hatsu in Japanese means “first”. And it seems fitting to use their language to name this project since my first trip to Japan sparked my passion for traveling and diving into another culture. That willingness to get out of my comfort zone was the gateway that got me to experience a ton of many firsts that I’d love to revisit someday. But for now, sharing these moments with you is something I thought of doing in exchange for the free prints I got from a promo. If all goes well, perhaps we can do this again with another set of memoirs!

1. Sign up through this form. You may also send a postcard to a friend instead!
2. I will be sending out the postcards in February 2016 – to avoid the holiday postal rush.
3. You or your friend will receive a postcard version of your selected photo (see options here). The 4 x 6-inch postcard comes with a short memoir about the “first” related to the chosen photo.

When you’ll be receiving the postcard depends on where you are located, and on your local postal system. But I’ll do my best to provide you with details once you have signed up through the form in the link above.

Since I got the prints for free, requesting for a postcard is also FREE! But if you’d like to share a virtual coffee/tea/cocktail with me in exchange for postal stamps, you’re more than welcome to buy me a cuppa through this button:

Make a Donation Button

Please do share this article to your postcard-loving friends! Many thanks and I hope you do enjoy being part of this little project! 🙂


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