If This is a Postcard from Yokohama

Yokohama 01

I think I found my favorite city in Japan – Yokohama 横浜. I have just been to Japan’s Chinatown 中華街 chuukagai whose cobbled streets are way too clean for any place called “Chinatown”; nonetheless, dumplings 小籠包 shouronpou still taste scrumptious. Its neighboring street, Motomachi 元町, is a walk down Meiji era. While this shopping district is lined with Japanese stores, it is also dotted with foreign brands which give it a Euro-Japanese feel. As a last stop for the day, I took photos of the picturesque Harbor View Park 港の見える丘公園 minatonomieruokakouen watching over the city’s famous Rainbow Bridge レインボーブリッジ reinbouburijji. I know this postcard doesn’t show you much, but all it really says is “wish you were here”.

Photostream: Yokohama, Japan


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