Even Gluttons Need A Food Bible

Makansutra Glutton's BayFood. makan. Bible. sutra.

Makansutra Glutton’s Bay is almost always part of all Singaporean trips – “almost” because food is one thing that Singapore has no lack of wherever. After an exhausting day of shopping and enjoying the metro, we took the MRT to City Hall Station and walked our way to Esplanade link-way where Asian cuisine was waiting in a long strip of stalls.

We smell greasy seafood noodles hokkien mee, spicy satay sauces, and simple but gingery Hainanese chicken rice. The sound of sizzling oil, diving laksa, and ingredients being tossed in woks join our grumbling stomachs in chorus. The scene is reminiscent of Yau Ma Tei 油麻地in Hong Kong and Shi Lin 士林in Taiwan – late night street dinners are always the liveliest with crowds and outdoor seating – but instead of accompanying it with vendors and bargain markets, this hawker food center offers a charming view of the Marina Bay skyline. “Eating is a luxury; why not enjoy it with a view?” whispers the Makansutra.

After plates of prawns, shells, noodles, rice and greens – also a bottle of beer if I were into alcohol – as delicious at it was, can’t say “can lah” to another serving! So we walked along Marina Bay to digest the night’s feast and waved the Merlion a see-you-again.

Photostream: Makansutra Glutton’s Bay


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