If Moms Allowed Us To Be Messy, We Would Be Artists

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts 17

It was half past four in the afternoon, everything is about to close in preparation for a quiet Sunday evening in Perth. Walking out of Caffissimo, I refuse to end my day just yet and headed over to Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts since they are open until six in the evening.

The first floor is an exhibit on First Among Equals II which is all about film, movement, sound, chroma and chronos. Elizabeth McAlpine’s Square Describing a Circle welcomed guests on an impressive wall in the middle of the gallery. Looking further, a video compilation of the most neglected movie scenes flashed in a little screen – never thought I have wasted bucks in a cinema because of blinking. The first floor housed more works of which I was timid to take photos of, but nonetheless, appreciated as I got absorbed in each.

I, then, head upstairs. On the way up, a burst of colors is slowly growing with every donation made to this non-profit organization. And just when you think that you don’t have a dime to give, the second floor tells you why it’s worth it.

The second floor doesn’t look like it holds much since the whole center is simply a window through which you may see the gallery downstairs from a bird’s eye view. But through the doors of the little rooms it has are where it all begins. No, the artists don’t draft their ideas in those rooms although there were some illustrators sketching along the corridors. In those rooms, children are encouraged to create art without worrying about staining the floor. They are allowed to lay down on paint, draw crooked lines and color past borders. And while the youngsters wallow in their expressions, John Nixon tells the school staff how to inspire art through Applied Paintings – Project for a Kindergarten in the room next door.

Photostream: Perth Institution of Contemporary Arts, Northbridge 


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