Pastels and Campbell’s

Art Gallery of Western Australia 07

The Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) was holding an exhibit on Luminous World – Contemporary Art from the Wesfarmers Collection and Picasso to Warhol: Fourteen Modern Masters when I dropped by for a visit in November 2012.

Luminous World showcases how artists make the most out of “light” in their own works. Of course, there are pieces that make use of dark and vibrant colors to emphasize the contrast of light – results of which call any viewer’s eyes. But what I found more impressive are works that make use of pastel colors. The calm pastels interact with light in no less vigor than the high contrast works. And while it is an exhibit on contemporary art, the way the artists merged these pieces with Australian aborigine dot paintings bring out the localness in these modern-day pieces – a kind of identity that is easily lost in most art today. It is an exhibit of more than 60 works, but it took me quite a while sightseeing in the galleries.

It was past four in the afternoon and I haven’t had a boost of caffeine. So I decided to skip Picasso to Warhol and took a seat in Caffissimo with a cup of flat white and a can of Campbell’s in which the café staff placed some paper towels as inspired by Warhol upstairs.

Photostream: Art Gallery of Western Australia


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