Inspired Afternoons in Northbridge

Perth Cultural Center 03

A few days after landing, I can’t help but miss the hustling and bustling of traffic and crowds back home. The haste, the clamor and the ruckus – all these are nowhere in Perth. While work is enough to fill my weekdays, weekends felt too relaxed. I have to find some noise.

Hay and Murray shopping strips are traditional options, together with all the street performers. But the noise up in Perth Cultural Center is my kind of noise on most days. After taking the Blue CAT to bus stop 14, I walked towards the colorful side of town and into Frank Crowley’s quote on a golden door frame.  The area is home to the library, theatres, museums, art galleries and their enthusiasts. A big screen stands tall right across a stairway stretched along with words painted in vivid red and periwinkle. To the left of the screen, there was the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA); to the right was the State Library of WA. Further up the stairway, the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA). And all around it, random cafes and gelato bars.

Perth Cultural Center 10

The shouting statue in this artistic hub emits no sound. But the visual noise of the surroundings and the energy of artists of all sorts never fail to make me unfold the laptop I clutch around town.

Photostream: Perth Cultural Center, Northbridge


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