Lounging at Kubrick

Kubrick Cafe 04

It was a Friday night in Hong Kong when I felt like drowning myself in something other than shopping. So I hit the train to Yau Ma Tei Station 油麻地 you ma di, took Exit C and found my way to Tung Kun Street 東莞街 dong guan jie where Kubrick is at. The area around the cafe was calm compared to the busy night market a few streets down. But looking through the windows of Kubrick, people inside were beaming. Individuals with various passions flock to this little space late at night. Book lovers stand along shelves with titles in both characters and alphabets, and read about film, culture and travel. Art enthusiasts examine inks and sheets rack after rack. Foodies sample western cuisine while chattering the night away.

After surveying some art books, my escargot with mashed potatoes was served. I took a bite and enjoyed the sound of passionate conversations – and the brisk typing of a student beside me on the counter table. As I reached the bottom of my plate, I noticed that I’m eating on a paint palette. I smiled and headed out.

Photostream: Kubrick Cafe


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