Crawling the Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels

1968 was dark, especially for the Viet Congs who dug and lived inside the Cu Chi Tunnels during the Vietnam War. Flashing forward to 2012, there we were – the tourists trying to relive what was. A firing range is open for visitors at a fee, gunshot sounds of which added to the warlike atmosphere. Presented to us were booby traps created by the Viet Congs whose intention was to slow the enemies down; not end lives. “Isn’t that more painful?” I thought silently.

After seeing the display of how Viet Congs spent their days making bombs in slippers made from old rubber tires, it was our turn to take a crawl into the dark tunnels. Down we went into the tunnels, and even further down. There were lights installed for the tourists every after a few meters, but still it was dark – my flashlight came in handy. Sweaty and covered in orange soil, it was a “once in a lifetime experience” as Anh, our tour guide said. After 50 meters of darkness for a short 10 minutes, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Served with tasteless boiled cassava and tea, we were rewarded with a little rest as we realized that the dark tunnel was the brighter rest stop for the Viet Congs.

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Photostream: Cu Chi Tunnels


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