Handicapped Handicrafts

Handicapped Handicrafts 02

It was a long ride from Saigon’s District 1 to Cao Dai Temple. To break the long bus ride on a sunny September day, we stopped by the Handicapped Handicrafts. The first sight was a row of tables on which handicapped employees were artfully crafting various lacquer wares. Focused on their craft, it was as if they did not notice tourists taking photos of them up close. At the end of the row of tables was the entrance to their store where, probably, thousands of their masterpieces are showcased. Vases, plates, home decors and notebooks – each were carefully handcrafted and highlighted with egg shell paintings, sand and sea shells portraying the everyday Vietnam life. It was a quick stop. While we were just some of the tourists that came and went for a short visit, the talented handicaps continue their craft as they have since 1976.

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Photostream: Handicapped Handicrafts


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