Of Sailing Logos and Hope

It was an hour past noon as my friends and I speeded through Roxas Boulevard and towards MV Logos Hope. From the boulevard, a right turn into 25th Street and Pier 15 of Manila South Harbor, plus a 5-minute walk under the bright beaming sun took us to the fourth of GBA Ships’ floating book fair. Earlier in the day, the crew members, who we handed 20PHP at the entrance, hosted a feeding program somewhere in the metro. And yet without a hint of fatigue, they welcomed all of us guests in the lifeboat theatre to talk about what we’ll find in our visit.

On to the bow of the ship sits the Book Fair where more than 5,000 book titles are showcased on shelves, waiting to share knowledge. These volumes have sailed around the world along with the crew whom are most helpful when you need to find a certain book. Whether it is a book or a Logos Hope merchandise, the proceeds contribute to the organization’s charitable operations all over the globe. People from all parts of the world have also walked into the “Journey of Life” which is a short winding hall of murals telling the story of “The Prodigal Son”. At the end of this son’s journey, we listened to a crew member’s life as a volunteer and watched the story and nobility of GBA Ships. By the stern stood the International Cafe where we had soft-served ice cream prepared by the smiling crew. The smell of popcorn and fresh waffles along with sounds heartfelt dialogues between guests and crew members filled the room with much life and hope.

It was an afternoon where we slowed down for a bit to see a little more of the world. While we talked about fast flights toward our goals over lunch before we came, MV Logos Hope stands for lasting sails to live their vision – this is their idea of “bringing knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world.”


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