Moon-crossing-bridge of Arashiyama


“Moon-crossing-bridge” 渡月橋 Togetsukyou. A name as poetic as the Emperor Kameyama 亀山天皇 – who thought that the moon seems to be crossing this bridge some 700 years ago. Hozu River 保津川 Hozugawa to the west, Katsura River 桂川 Katsuragawa to the east, are what surround the 250-meter stretch of Togetsukyo Bridge 渡月橋. Although the best times to visit are when cherry blossoms bloom in Spring, and when Arashiyama嵐山boasts its orange hues in Autumn, Togetsukyo attracts no less beauty in Winter. Whether it’s for delightful picnics or quiet bike rides, the old bridge will always be inviting enough to be captured in every postcard of the scenic neighborhood of Arashiyama 嵐山.

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Photostream: Togetsukyou


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