Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion


It was a quarter to four in a wintery afternoon, the sun who was about to set made the Golden Pavilion glisten and reflect on the quiet lake, as a golden phoenix rest atop the Pavilion’s crown. Kyoto 京都is definitely home to many of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Just as the Eastern Great Temple 東大寺Toudai Ji keeps Kyoto’s ancient world alive, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion 金閣寺Kinkaku Ji does no less with Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu足利 義満 from the late 1300s. Although the late shogun’s retirement villa was burned down several times in history, it stands even more aristocratic than it was originally due to the 1955 restoration. Visitors, today, close off their visit by drinking some green tea抹茶matcha, drawing fortune papersおみくじomikuji or tossing coins into some statues.

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Photostream: Kinkakuji


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