Nara: Temples and Deers

Deers 鹿shika welcoming tourists and temple visitors – this is the impressionable picture of Nara 奈良. Considered as messengers of gods, deers were seen as sacred animals before 1945. Nonetheless, they are treated as national treasures to date; thus, the reason why they freely stroll around the 502-hectare Nara Park奈良公園 Nara Koen. Take close up shots, feed them deer crackers鹿煎餅 shika senbei, follow them roam into the Eastern Great Temple 東大寺Toudai Ji – the world’s largest wooden building and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finally, end a long peaceful walk with some rice balls お握りonigiri and fried tofu sushi稲荷寿司inarizushi for lunch before boarding the train back to Kyoto 京都.

Related Itinerary: Osaka 大阪 x Kyoto 京都 x Nara 奈良 in 5 Days


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