The Rodriguez Ancestral House

As we stepped out of the bus, we were nowhere but lost in time. Huge houses of stone and wood line the streets of Sariaya Quezon. Walking a few steps forward, The Rodriguez Ancestral House has its doors welcoming tourists into the world of 1930s. As it is with old Spanish-inspired Filipino homes, entrances lead to the second storey whose walls are surrounded with framed windows overlooking the neighborhood streets. Young lads clad in brown robes roam around the house, as if they are priests visiting a prominent family in town, at a time earlier than when the house was built. Furnitures are made of intricately carved wood, elegant in their antiquity. On the desk, a classic Corona typewritter beside a lineup of books. On the side table, a tall Chinese vase behind a record player. By the window, an organ which has lost a few of its already yellowish keys. All these lit by the sunlight and a chandelier hanging in the center of the ceiling.

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